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Nightclub Decor

Halloween Nightclub Decor
With a large venue & a smallish budget what do you do to create impact?  The exterior was dressed with Giant Flat Pumpkin Faces whilst on the inside the focus was mainly on the Bars, Dance Floor & Reception with Film Effect Cobwebbing coating the remainder of the large space.
Creepy Pumpkins & Ivy at the Front Entrance
Spooky Pumpkins & Ivy at the Front Entrance
Coffin Prop Complete with Skeletal Hand
Guests are greete at Reception with Orange & Black Draping, Coffin & Tombstones
The Coffin comes alive with Smoke Effects
Bone Sculptures Grace the Bars
The Bone Sculptures sit on top of Pewter Effect Urns on the Bars
The Lighting Rig is decorated with Tree Branches, Skeletons & Bats & the venue is covered with Film Effect Cobwebbing & Giant Flat Pumpkins are Fixed to the Walls above the Dance Floor
Btst & Skeletons will later come alive once the Lighting takes Effect
A Lightweight Coffin hangs at a jaunty angle so that it appears a Skeletal Foot is fallin gout of the Base whilst a Crow sits on the edge of the Coffin
A Skeleton between Mirror Balls
Our 'New Resident Required' Tombstone sits in front of the DJ booth