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An Indian Jones Themed 7th Birthday Party for the Son of the Owners of Nirvana Spa, Berkshire

Given the task of creating an Indiana Jones event for a group of 7 year olds Spirited  decided that a Maze with collection points would be a fun idea.  The maze was created in Pulse 8 Studios, Berkshire.  Collection points included Stone Walls containing areas filled with Goo and other Nasty feeling but safe fillers, a Rats Nest, a Table with a Hole in it for an Actor to Grab Hands and spook the children and more.  The children had to collect skeletons, bugs and other nasties in order to win prizes.  A DJ played music with games and awarded prizes after the maze was completed.  This was a truly great fun event and the feedback incredible.
Pulse 8 Studio - The Frame Work is Started
The maze comes together
A Cave Entranceway is created
A Corner Filled with Bones, Cobwebbing & Leaves creates anticipation for the Children
Indian Jones Back Lit with Fire Effect as the Childrena pproach a 'Danger Zone'
A Rats Nest is created as a Collection Point
The Creepy Table housed a Hole for and Actor to Grab hands as the Children collected from the Table
Eyeballs and Gruesome Items on Plates
Spooky Images, Cobwebbing, Sublte Candle Light and Gruesome Artifacts give the Childrne a Chilling Scare