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Gillette Management Christmas Party

Given a brief to create a party to reflect 'The Year I Was Born' from the 1940's to the 1990's Spirited designed a Time Line to span the room with much emphasis on the Tables.  We believe that since you are at your table for a long period of time potentially with other guests that you don't know well this theme easily and naturally leant itself to creating a fun and interesting conversation piece on each table.  This theme was great fun to create.  The 1940's - the 1970's shown here.
Gillette 2010 Glenn Miller Back Lit Screen
Vintage 1940's Props on Plinths
1940s Table Centre Design Dressing and Prop Hire
Replica Newspaper, War Letters and Advertising of the Era
Artificial Records, 1940's Advertising & 1940's Sweets in Vintage Bowls
Union Jack Slip Cloth, Vintage Crockery and Prime Minister Quotes of the Age gave a real sense of War Time Britain
Gas Masks and Ration Books give Younger Guests a Lesson in World War 2
1940's Christmas Cards, Children's Newspapers, Tickets & Gillette Advertising of the 1940's bring it all together.  It's all in the detail!
The Patriotic 1940's
The Fabulous 1950s
Celebrating Elvis with a Back Lit Portrait Screen & The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd with a Giant Back Lit Coin
Marilyn Hair, Brylcream, Artificial Records if the Era
1950's Sweets in Glassware Reflecting the Decade, Reference to the Coronation, Advertising and Elements of the 50's make fun conversation pieces
A Beatles Portrait Back Lit Screen & Life Sized 3D Astronaut reflect two significant elements of the 1960's
Long 'Hippy' Beaded Hair, Twiggy and Plastic Crudite Trays with 1960's Sweets bring fun to the Tables
Adbertising, Popand Pop Art References create a Talking Point
The Groovy1970's
A Giant Fully Glittered Platform Boot & an Abba Portrait Screen create a Great 70's Impact
Table Dressed with a Fully Glittered Guitar and 70's Referencing and Advertsing
The Muppets, Pot Noodle & Love Heart Sweets with Foam Shrimps & Bananas in Tupperware
Curly Whirly's & Dibdabs with Prime Minister Quotes of the Era
Colour Changing Battery Operated Glitter Lava Lamps, Space Hoippers, Space Ship Sweets & the Mash Get Smashed Aliens provide memories from the past