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Sindlesham Court

Management Christmas Party

200 Guests

To design, produce and manage Gillette's Christmas Management Event.


The Year I Was Born

End Result:

It was decided that with such a vast subject the time line would need to be broken down into decades.
A Time Line of Back Lit Screens and 3-Dimensional Props were positioned around the perimeter of the main room.
Glenn Miller began the journey along with some genuine 40's props
An Elvis Back Lit Screen and a Back Lit Cut-Out Coronation Coin brought us into the 50's
A Double Back Lit Screen depicting a Portrait of each Beatle stood alongside a Life Sized 3-Dimensional Astronaut suggesting Man Landing on the Moon
The 70's saw a Giant Glittered Platform Boot alongside an Abba Portrait Screen
Michael Jackson provided the obvious answer to the 80's Musical reference Back Lit Screen and a Giant Rubix Cube a fun reminder
The 90's reference was a very large Spice Girls back lit screen
Bunting was strung across the reception ceiling referencing the 40's with images through the decades along with  propaganda and advertising pegged into the bunting to bring the decades together and a glimpse of what was to come in the main dining area
Table centre's as always a very important portion of any event in our opinion when guests are seated at tables for a few hours consisted of a plethora of memorabilia.  Starting with Hairstyles on Black Glittered Long Necked Heads and the 40's a Gas Mask, an abundance of props, imagery, quotes and sweets from each era provided guests with exciting and fun reminiscences and a real talking point.
A gaming area was created in an off shoot of the main room where guests could play table football, giant connect four, skittles and most excitingly space hopper racing.  The games were greatly received and guests had a hilarious time especially whilst watching one another bouncing around on adult space hoppers.
Entertainment consisted of Professional Dancers dancing their way through the decades culminating in audience participation and of course a fantastic DJ.

Client Quote:
"Everyone had a fantastic time and a lot of people have told me that this was the best one yet.  Can't wait until next year.  Thank you so much again!"


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