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Fairytale Christmas Tree Hire!

Who doesn't love a Happy ending?  Our Fairytale Inspired Christmas Tree is filled with Butterflies, Parasols, Pumpkin Coach Styled Baubles, Glittered Drops, Sleeping Beauty Styled Baubles & of course not forgetting the Frogs!  In subtle Colourways to suit this Theme we threw some feather Boa's at it too just to give it that extra Dreamy Quality!
The below Christmas Tree is 9ft Tall but of course we can provide & decorate trees of almost any height and girth along with associated Decor such as Garlands, Wreaths and many other Items.

Fairytale Christmas Tree - Christmas Tree Hire
Forsted Lime, Powder Pink & Sea Green Baubles adorn the Fairytale Christmas Tree
Feathery Boa's, Butterflies & Parasols give the Fairytale Christmas tree its Dreamy Quality
The Twinkling Fairy Lights transport the viewer to Fairytale Land
Green, Mauve & Pink Frogas in Crowns Hop around the Christmas Tree
Frosted & Pearlised Baubles mixed with Wirework Baubales & Butterflies in Dusky Pink
Sleeping Beuaty Hedge Inspired Baubles nestle in amongst Feather Boa's
The combination of Colours & Decorations give the Tree a real sense of Fairyland
The Colour Mix is Stunning
We use lots of decor to give our Trees the Decadence we feel they deserve
Carefully selecting oodles of decor items from a variety of sources & mixing the colours well we create truly exquisite Christmas Trees
The Christmas Tree Twinkles as the overhead lights go down