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East Meets West

How do you mix The Wild West with the Orient ?
You take a few Cowboy Hats, a Life Sized Totem Pole, A Jail, some Moonshine and some Red Indian Spirit.
Next take some Oriental Lanterns, Parasols, Terracotta Warriors, Chinese Lucky Cats and Oriental Fans.
Throw them all in a Tin Bath, mix it around et voila..........
Here's our take on East Meets West!
East Meets West Lasooed Entrance
Bunting, Signage and Props give a Glimpse of what is to come
Cowboy Scene complete with Moonshine
Suspended Oriental Parasol and Lanterns draw the Eye Up above Tables whilst Back Lit Cowboy & Indian Silhouettes provide a Backdrop
The Life Sized Totem Pole Stands to attention beside the Stage
Alternate Table depicting the Orient and The Wild West Create different levels throughout
An Oriental Temple Back LIt Screen Draws Colour and lIght down onto the Walls
A Concubine & Shogun Back Lit Shoji Style Screen provide the feeling of people in the shadows
Up Lit Moonshine, Cowboy Hat, Indian Chief Headdress, a Lasoo, a Tomahawk, Playing Cards, Casino Chips & lots more make the West Table Busy and Interesting.  A Small Tin of Chewing Tobacco (sweet coconut tobacco) provided a great fun giveaway in thouch with the Theme
Mini Hands Fans into Glasses provided the Giveaway on the Oriental Tables.  Waving Lucky Cats, Emporers Hats, Chinese Playing Cards suggested a link between both Cultures, Terracotta Warriors, Table Fans and Concertina Dragons onto Oriental Slip Cloths were further enhanced with Suspended Parasols and Lanterns above each Oriental Table
An Abundance of Fortune Cookies
A Wild West Jail made a fun Photo opportunitu
A Geisha Back Lit Screen offset the Jail Photo Opportunity for a more Sedate Backdrop