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Santa's Grotto Design & Hire

What better way to get into the Spirit of Christmas than to visit Santa Claus.  At Spirited Events we design our Grotto's to fit our clients venue, style and vision.  We provide top quality Santa experiences including the Big Man himself and Mrs Claus if the occasion suits.  Below are a few images from our favourite Santa Experience at Marwell Wildlife over the past two years, we are currently in design and production for 2012 and we're really looking forward to it.  The reviews for the past two years have been
phenomenal & both Spirited & Marwell couldn't be happier with the feedback!
Giant Green Bow & Christmas Wreath
Santa Express Solar Pea Lit Train Sign
Solar Pea Lit Giant Fully Glittered Train Gifts
Solar Pea Lit Gingerbread Train Family
Solar Pea Lit Fully Glittered Train Stop Sign
Giant Solar Pea Lit Candy Cane Wreaths to the Front of Marwell Hall During Installation
4 x Giant Candy Cane Wreaths Enhance the Front of Marwell Hall
Santa This Way Sign to the Side of Marwell Hall
The Indoor Snow Machine always casues a stir with the Children
Large Wooden Barrels provide Rustic Style Tables for Drinks
The Imposing Castle Doors create anticipation
The Doors are opened to Santa's Letter Writing Room
The Ceiling is half Draped in Red & Green in Santa's Letter Writing Room
The Fireplace Decor reflects the Nature of the Room with a Gold Letter Writing Santa Bust, Feather Quills & Pea Lit Garland
Hand Tied Letter Scrolls to Santa, Quills , Reindeer & Wax Battery Candles all reflect the Letter Writing Theme
The Busy Letter Writers in Santa's Letter Writing Room
Adding some Glitter to a Snowman Themed Letter
Mother Christmas Kitchen ready for Storytelling
A Giant Gingerbread Man Pro, Giant Lollipop Props, Giant Candy Cane Prop, Giant Sweet Props & Mother Christmas' Rocking Chair
Giant Gingerbread Lady Prop, Giant Lollipop Props, Giant Cupcake Flat Prop and Giant Sweetie
Mother Christmas begins her Story
The Children are transfixed by Mother Christmas
Christmas Fireplace Decor to reflect the nature of this room with a Sublte Santa Claus Photograph for Mother Christmas
Mother Christmas at Marwell Wildlife
5ft Tall Nutcracker Props Guard the entrance to Santa's Grotto
Red & Gold Draping create a Stunning overhead Impact in Santa's Grotto
A Maze is creatde to enchant chidlren on their way to visit Sants Claus
Peep Through Fences are created in the Santa's Grotto Maze to add anticipation
The Christmas Maze Consists of 3 levels that guide guests through
The final level of the Chrsitmas Grotto Maze is 7ft Tall preventing peeping eyes through to santa Claus.  The final level includes fillable holes to add interest and delights the Children as an Elf feeds them information about the items
The fianl Barrier to Santa Claus - A Twinkling Crystal Curtain
Santa's Christmas Fireplace Decor complete with Santa's Snowy Footprints in the Hearth - Santa does ariive down the Chimney after all!
Beautiful Gifts beside Santa's Throne
Santa's Throne Flanked with Two Gift Styled Cube Seats for the Children
Santa's Magestic Throne
Santa's Christmas Tree is abundantly Decorated with Colourful Christmas Baubles, Candy Canes & Mini Nutcrackers
Santa Claus Hire - Santa at Marwell Hall
The Red & White Fully Decorated Christmas Tree guiding guests to the Tavern
Jester Styled Food Stall in Tudor Rose Hall, Marwell Wildlife
Persian Styled Face Painting Stall in Tudro Rose Hall, Marwell Wildlife
Subtle Draping & Wreaths enahnce the Magnificant Stone Fireplave in Tudor Rose Hall, Marwell Wildlife
A Vitcotrian Styled Shop front for Marwell Gift Shop Sales
We love detail - The Elf Entrance becomes the Guests Exit.  A lastign memory of the Santa Experience
Elf Lanterns, Hats, Scarves, Coats, Shoes and Socks Spilling out of Vintagee Trunks.  Effectively an Elf Cloakroom!