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Private Halloween Event, Private Residence, Surrey

We have been producing a Halloween Event for a family in Surrey for some years.  Our initial brief for a party for their daughter and 11 friends aged 13 at the time was in the clients own words "Scare the pants off them".  Year one saw scares galore but by the third year the 'party' had turned into an 'event' with approximately 150 guests of all ages.  This year we went to town.  Creepy Statues greeted guests as they entered the marquee attached to the garage.  A drop picture scare was totally unepexpected by the guests followed by a 'Man Under the Floor' Scare whilst watching the magnificent film effect Ghost Illusion.  Whilst guests attention was taken by the wonder of the Ghost Illusion (a real sense of "how do they do that?") the Man Under the Floor went crazy with lighting and shaking; a truly fearsome effect.  Next was the Caged Madman.  Guests tentatively walked past him to see the moving skeleton only to be greeted by alarms, flashing emergency lights and tannoy announcements stating that the Madman had escaped.  Fear coursed through them as they attempted to find their way out through the maze followed by the Madman complete with artificial Chainsaw. through ankle and head 'feelers' to be shown out by a talking head on a platter!  Genius if we do say so ourselves.  You may have gathered by the explanation that the effect was immense and this is one of our favourite events!
Unfortunately due to the nature of this event it is very difficult to get great photographs but we hope that the below will give you a 'tiny' idea of what we are talking about!  Welcome to the Madhouse!
Clients Garage Prior to Installation
Halloween Entrance Year 1
Cave Entrance Year 1
Creepy Alleyway with Holes for Collection of Creepy Items in Goo and other Nasty Feeling Fillers
Hanging Man behind Bars
Frankenstein Hand Carved Real Pumpkin
Handsome Devil Hand Carved Real Pumpkin
Skull Hand Carved Real Pumpkin
Drop Picture Scare Year 3
Man Under the Floor Scare Year 3
Ghost Illusion Scare Room Year 3
Disturbed Pictures in the Ghost Illusion Scare Room
Graveyard Entrance Year 3
Zombie Attack Year 3
Scarey Statues inside the Entrance Year 3