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Bespoke Flight Migration Assault Course

Marwell Wildlife Flight Migration Assault Course
Marwell asked us to produce an assault course based on the flight path and obstacles faced by mirgating birds in order to show children the difficulties they face.
The Entance using a Cleverly Recycled Prop
Wtaer Effect Obstacle, Windmills, Road Maze & Skyscrapers
The Ball Pit depcited a Flowing River or Sea. Children had to collect Rubber Eggs in the Water & carry through the course
The Children wound their way through the Windmill
Following the Windmills children had ot find their way along a Wobbly Road, throw their Eggs hrough the Skyscraper Windows & then collect them on the other side
The Winding Wobbly Road
Artificial Telephone Wires of varying Heights were the final obstacle before throwing the Rubber Eggs into Nests at the end of the Course
Trees were created to hold the Nests and to end the course as the Birds arrive at their destination